The Theme of the Session

Resources – A European Strategy for Sustainable Growth

The delegates will primarily discuss the importance of resources for Europe. The issue dominates much of the current public debate and greatly shapes political and economic relations. Delegates will discuss global distribution conflicts and resource extraction with each other. Apart from the prob­lems the international community is facing, the participants will also focus on the European dimen­sion of the issue and discuss current questions concerning the privatisation of water manage­ment, a sustainable European energy strategy and the economic impact of resource constraints on the growth of Europe and its businesses. With the help of new technologies and an alliance of Member States, companies and researchers the EU now aims to encourage greater extraction of e.g. rare earths as part of their “Resource Offensive”. In addition the European Commission has already proposed a great variety of solutions in their Roadmap to a Resource-efficient Europe. The delegates will thoroughly question these proposals while also developing their own solutions aimed at ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity in the future.

The topics will be focused around the following five core aspects:

The Global Level

The attention will be drawn to conflicts about distribution and extraction of resources. How will the race for resources in Africa develop? How can the EU ensure its access to resources and represent its interest within the international community of states? How will the European Union deal with the consequences of resource extraction for developing countries? How will the EU deal with China aiming for a resource monopoly?

The EU Level

How can the EU ensure an equal access to resources of its Member States? How will internal distribution conflicts on water develop? A special focus will be drawn to aspects of the topic connected with energy supply. What are Europe’s future energy sources? What kind of conversion is the EU going to face?

The Economic Level

This section will focus on the privatisation of resources as well as the trade of resources within the economic aspect of the theme. The gambling of resources in stock exchanges and the role of gold as means of exchange will be points of discussion. Which consequences will the privatisation of resources have for EU Member States?

The Ecological Level

How will the EU deal with environmental consequences of resource extraction and utilisation? Points of discussion will also be the generation of energy and the consequences of e.g. embankment dams and tidal power generation on the environment.

The Socio-Cultural Level

The micro level of scarcity of resources will focus on consequences for customers: What are the consequences of high resource prices for consumers? How will the citizens’ behaviour have to change? How can individuals ensure their own supply guarantee?