Events & Programme

The International Session in Munich consists of three phases: Teambuilding, Committee Work and the General Assembly.


Mutual trust, motivating one another and recognising each other’s strengths and weaknesses are the foundation for a successful team. Therefore, on the first two days of the session, the participants will get to know each other through a series of group dynamic ex­ercises and problem-solving tasks, which will help them to form an effective team, set up their own rules and lay the foundation for a successful committee work.

Committee Work

Well prepared to take the next step, the newly formed committees are facing the challenge of writing a resolution. The young Europeans will have to find different, new and innovative solu­tions, trying to best employ their different cul­tural backgrounds and experiences made. One’s own experiences and visions are equally important as expert analyses and will become visible in their motion for a resolution.

General Assembly

The highlight of the event is the General As­sembly, which reunites all participants, to con­sider the results of committee work. During the open debates, held in both English and French, each committee will present and de­fend their motion for a resolution. The resolu­tions that pass will be submitted to the Euro­pean Parliament after the session.

Aside from these main elements, we are proud to have a number of exceptional additional events on our programme:


One of the highlights of the session will be the ResourceVillage during the second day of committee work. We are happy to welcome experts from politics, economics and civil society to offer the delegates an academic exchange. This event will offer the delegates the unique opportunity to debate about resources in general and discuss their importance for all European citizens. Within small discussion groups, the delegates will get the chance to get some academic input on their specific committee work topic, as well as the opportunity of intensive exchange with experts of other domains. Additionally, at the information fair different experts will present various resources and their innovative ideas behind. Eventually, the ResourceVillage will give the delegates the great opportunity to gain some additional knowledge about different resources and discuss various options that help us to secure a sustainable future.


The EuroConcert is an opportunity for talented delegates to entertain the session participants and its supporters. All participants are encouraged to take part as long as a high standard is provided. The delegates will perform at the renowned Carl-Orff hall in one of Munich’s most famous concert locations. The EuroConcert is a serious event and performances should respect its importance.


During this event every delegation will present their own country by bringing national food samples, country flags, national music, souvenirs, costumes and other cultural objects that will contribute to representing their country proudly. EuroVillage will give delegates the unique opportunity to share their own cultural heritage and we therefore encourage all participants to bring these things that represent their country at its best. Delegates are also strongly encouraged to wear national costumes and bring flags to decorate their stand.