The European Youth Parliament

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) in Germany is one of 36 national committees of the European Youth Parliament International, the European umbrella of our organisation.

Since 1990 we offer young people between 16 and 22 years of age the opportunity to express their opinion concerning European political topics. Our non-profit, all-party and independent organization unites the citizens of tomorrow. We give them the possibility to exchange their ideas concerning the present and the future of their continent.

The EYP is based on honorary committment of pupils and students and does not have a political mandate. As the citizens of the future, the EYP experience encourages young people to be aware of the thoughts and characteristics of other nations, respect their differences, and learn to work together for a common good.

The EYP constitutes a forum in which these young people can express their own opinions, without any political connotations and without reverting to role play. Students are encouraged to take an interest in current affairs and the democratic process, practice independent thinking and take personal initiative.


The European Youth Parliament offers young people a platform on which to exchange their visions. Our conferences are extended parliamentary simulations including political debates, Europe enthusiastic exchange among young people.

Each conference is made up of Teambuilding, Committee Work and a General Assembly (parliamentary debate). Of course, our conferences also contain a supporting programme including musical entertainment, collective dinners as well as evening dancing.

On the one hand, we have been organizing an annual school competition, the “National Selection Conference”, since 1990. Over 600 pupils from more than 70 schools across Germany take part in the first round of our national selection. 12 schools continue to the second round – the “National Selection Conference”. In the course of the conference, culminating in a parliamentary debate, a prominent jury selects two delegations to represent Germany at the EYP International Sessions.

On the other hand, we give pupils the opportunity to take part in our “European Forums”. Up to 150 young people from all over Europe or from specific regions within Europe gather at these forums to discuss current European issues. Unlike the National Selection procedure, European Forums do not require a selection and thus lack the stress of competition.

Corresponding to our primary goals – promoting participation and responsibility of young people for Europe – the entire work of the European Youth Parliament is based on voluntary and independent work by about 60 young people.

Aims and tasks

The European Youth parliament pursues two main goals: We want to create an added value for society as a whole and individuals. Weaim at engaging young people in active discussion about current social and political issues as well as giving them a deeper understanding of politics at a European level. We hereby help them develop their personality further. We would like to contribute to the mutual understanding of different cultures and win our youth for the European idea.

The EYP thus seeks to promote a European dimension to education and to give students the opportunity to participate in a practical, positive learning experience. As the citizens of the future, the EYP experience encourages young people to be aware of current affairs and democratic processes conveying not only enthusiasm for active participation, but also a sense for social responsibility.

By challenging young people, we want to give them an opportunity to discover and realize their full potential as well as develop their personality further. We hope that the delegates at our diverse events can benefit from the joint work as much as the members of our association. The EYP constitutes a forum in which students can improve their social competences and and communication skills