European Commissioner for the Environment Grants His Patronage

Every year, three International Sessions of the European Youth Parliament, our international umbrella organisation, take place in different European countries. From April 5 –14 April, 2013 more than 300 young Europeans, aged 16 to 20, from 36 European countries will gather in the south of Germany to voice their opinion on current European issues.

As was announced earlier this week, Mr Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, has granted his patronage to the event. As the Commission and the Council are currently working on EU resource efficiency targets, Mr Potočnik was “pleased to learn that the conference will focus on sustainable growth and the importance of natural resources.”

For ten days Munich will be a hotspot for exciting debates about European political topics. The importance of resources will be the focal point of these debates as the increasing challenge of the global resource distribution make them decisive for the EU’s future. Mr Potočnik also stresses the importance of the topic as he outlines that “the solution to the global challenges we face lies in a world transition to a more sustainable economy; an economy based on a balanced integration of economic, social and environmental objectives.” Since “the active participation and involvement of younger generations and future leaders will be crucial to engage in this path”, the Commissioner was happy to accept the invitation to grant his patronage to this gathering of Europe’s future leaders, because “without them, this much-needed transition will simply not happen”, he says.